A little about the Suzuki method

Young children are naturally eager to learn by ear.  The Suzuki method has been perfectly structured to start a child on a musical journey at pre-school age. 


Suzuki method is based on the idea that children can learn to play a musical instrument in the same way that they learned their mother tongue. In the same way that a child's efforts to take their first steps are praised unconditionally, every step in the learning process is encouraged and praised.   

One parent (called the practising parent) needs to be involved in all aspects of the children's learning, attending every lesson, practising at home and playing the CD.  Like language, they come to reading after they have learned basic competency.  All the children learn the same repertoire. The Suzuki repertoire is arranged in a series of books, all of which are recorded for daily listening.  

The Suzuki triangle, pupil, teacher, parent, helps to build

confident, high achieving children.  Many people feel that the Suzuki method is a holistic approach and benefits children not only in their musical learning, but also in many other aspects of their lives.